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Triple Buckle Harness

Our premium dog harness is designed to be comfortable, durable and stylish.

Easy to adjust and even easier to fit with front clip for all-day comfort.

Two leash positions is great for no pull training and keeping your pet secure at all times. Stepping out with your dog is now a walk in the park.

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Easy to wear

Equipped with three sturdy quick release buckles, our dog harness is easy to put on even the most nervous and excitable dogs. Our unique lockable neck buckle means there is no need to pull the harness over their head. The two neck buckles allow you to clip the harness around your dog, rather than putting their legs through leg holes. This harness is easy-to-wear and remove.

Easy to put on and take off neck buckle
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Chafing-free comfort

Barkridges® harness features longer padded chest & back pieces designed to minimise rubbing under your pets front legs. The soft, lightweight and breathable mesh construction of our materials facilitates ventilation for all-day comfort. You no longer have to worry when you take them on long walks with a Barkridges® Triple Buckle Premium Dog Harness. 

Longer padded chest and back pieces
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Puts you in control

Two leash metal clip rings and a sturdy handle allow for maximum control. The back leash metal clip ring for regular walkies and a front metal clip ring to facilitate gentle no pull training. If your dog pulls, the leash will move to the side, steering your dog into a different position and correcting the dogs behaviour. The sturdy back handle provides an additional point of control for when you need to keep your pet close or when an extra firm hold is required. 

Handle to put you in control
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Five fabulous colours

In a choice of five fabulous colours, there’s one to suit any event or personality. Our harness is lined and edged in the same colour as the main body to give it a more vibrant and refined look.

Five choices of colours
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Made to last

Barkridges® dog harnesses are made using marine and mountaineering-grade materials coupled with durable stitches to create a high quality and sturdy harness. We use nylon for our webbing - the strongest and most abrasive-resistant material for webbing and “Box X” and bar tack stitches to maximise seam strength, for a high quality and sturdy harness.

Durable stitches
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All-round 360° reflective

Visibility contributes to safety. So to make sure Barkridges® dogs are kept safe in low light situations, our harnesses come with an integrated high visibility reflective strip.

High visibility reflective strips all around
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Machine washable at 30ºC for easy care and will keep the harness squeaky clean and your dog looking their best.


What are you waiting for?

The park is calling and so is your pet.

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