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Meet the Team

"A dog's life"

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Co-founder & CEO


The voice of the pups in the business. Makes sure we produce the best products for all the adorable dogs out there. Rarely seen without little Gracie by her side.

Image by Ze Zinedi

Product Manager


The door guard of the business. Lewis ensures our products are of the highest quality. You don't want to be in the same room as him when the colour of the same samples are wrong.

Image by Chris Curry

Co-founder & COO

Lip Seng

The operational mastermind of the business. Making sure things work and happen on time and that its all flawlessly executed. He gets grumpy when he is hungry.

Image by Undine Tackmann

Creative Director


The life and soul of the business. Amelie wants to brighten up every dog and dog-lover's life. Your happiness with our products keep her going. She is a firm believer of unicorns.

About Us

Barkridges® is about having fun with your beloved pet, your favourite companion. We want to help you to express your love for them. Whether it is a game of fetch in the open fields, a walk in the park or just a warm cuddle on the sofa, those are gorgeous moments in our lives. Quality moments spent with your pup are food for the soul.

We want our no pull dog harness to be an expression of your pet's personality. Whether they are playful, eager, super-friendly or reserved, our products are created for them. It is beautiful, comfortable and individualistic. 

We are also focused on quality and value. We deliver this by working with designers, engineers and production experts in the United Kingdom and beyond who share our passion, values and standards. We are proud of the culture of experimentation and innovation within our team and our partners. 

We are a socially minded enterprise. We are part of our community and we believe in looking after our little pet's welfare. Hence, we are very proud to be working with dog/animal welfare charities in London and the South East of England.

Registered address:

1 Apple Grove



United Kingdom

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