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Best gifts for dogs and their humans

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Whether you’re looking for a special gift for your four legged bestie or for your dog crazy bestie, you’ll find something suitable in our list below and we promise there aren’t any mugs or socks.

Disclaimer: For your convenience, we have included affiliate links to items which we have found useful. We will receive a commissions from the seller if you purchase through these links.


Never was there a dog parent who didn’t wonder what their little fur balls were getting up to whilst home alone. With this piece of kit they never have to wonder again. Full HD Wifi Pet Camera with wide angle, night vision and 2-Way-Audio, allows you to see your pup clearly day or night and you can even chat to them too. It also sends notifications to your mobile phone when it detects barking so that you can check that everything is ok at home. Still not impressed? Well, it can be filled with treats, which it will throw to your pets on your command – if that doesn’t impress you – at least it will your dogs!


How do you help to maintain good oral health in your dog when it doesn’t like having its teeth brushed? By making brush teeth time feel like treat and play time thats how!

Give them this cool looking bright green alligator tooth brush smeared or stuffed with a little of their favourite treat when you first introduce it to them. Once doggo becomes accustomed to it, replace the treats with dog tooth paste and let them brush (I mean chew) away. Also has a squeaker for extra enticing fun and includes a brush for cleaning.


Amber is a semi precious stone formed from the resin of certain types of trees. It is often used in jewelry for its pretty warm coloured hues and its widely recognised heath benefits. But did you know that it has also been found to benefit dogs, by preventing the infestation of fleas and ticks?

Much prettier than a standard flea collar and gentler on your pet compared to chemical prevention, this necklace is chemical free and made from 100% authentic Baltic amber. Available in a range of sizes it can also be adjusted for the perfect fit. Presented in a lovely box, its the perfect gift for any pampered pooch and their human.


If you need to slow your pets eating down or just want to use mealtime to stimulate your dogs brain more, this brightly coloured fun feeder by Outward Hound is just the thing. The food sits between the grooves to prevent gobblers from taking big gulps and makes dogs have to work a little harder for their dinner, which adds a little bit more fun to meal times.


If you’ve ever noticed your dog eyeing up your beer or giving you puppy dog eyes as you sit back to enjoy your drink, why not treat them to one of their own. Yes, a beer for your dog…but one made especially for them – there really is such a thing! This Woof and Brew gift box comes with two bottles of natural, healthy, alcohol-free and non-carbonated bottles, packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. (Also available Posh Pooch Wine for dogs)


When it comes to gifts, you can’t go wrong with either food or fun, this dog toy incorporates both, so its sure to be a hit with Fido. Fill with treats of your choice and watch your dog try to work out how to find them by lifting the flaps and sliding the compartments.


Also a brain stimulating toy that uses fun and food to keep your dog interested, we think they are such a good idea that we included a second one on our list. More like a Weebly toy that never falls down than a ball, this one dispenses food as your dog pushes it around. The opening is also adjustable so that you can change the difficulty level to suit your dog or size of the treats.


This one is definitely for pet parents but dogs will also appreciate the fact that it saves them for having to get into the bath. Fill this paw cleaner with water, put your pets foot inside, give it a swirl around your dogs paw, remove paw, towel dry and voilà, a clean paw…repeat for the other three paws. Available in three sizes to fit different sized paws.


With all the walking that poor doggo has to do on bare paws, nowhere else needs more pampering that their poor little feet. Treat your furbaby to a foot massage using this paw wax, which heals and repairs damaged paws. This fast acting and long lasting formula completely natural, 100% Organic and completely safe for dogs.


This long lasting baby powder scented perfume will keep your fur baby smelling salon fresh for up to three days. Its cruelty free and also doubles up as coat and skin conditioner which is free from silicone, sulphates and other parabens. (UK Only)


A must for any dog lover, this kit contains everything you need to make a framed paw print keepsake picture of your pet.



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