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Guide to Tailor-fit Harness to Your Dog

Tailor-fitting the harness to your dog is important to ensure it is comfortable as well as secured. 

Follow our 5 steps to tailor-fit guide:

  1. Try on

  2. Assess fit

  3. Adjust straps

  4. Repeat till fit

  5. Test it


Assess fit by slotting two fingers between the harness and your dog's neck or chest. It should feel comfortable, not too tight or loose. The harness should sit relatively firm on your dog's body and should not sway from left to right. 

There are 4 adjustment points on our harness. Each to shorten or lengthen it's respective strap.

A tailored-fit harness should have equal length straps on the left and right of the harness. 

After you have achieved a tailored-fit, test it by using the harness on your dog in a safe environment. Check that the neck and chest buckles are secured and the leash hooks appropriately to the front or back clip. Once you are comfortable, you are all set.

Feel free to reach out via the chat functionality if you have any questions. Thank you.

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